Laura Mercier’s 17-Piece White Magic holiday Collection Promises To Brighten Spirits While It Illuminates Lips as well as Lids

using a few pieces from the new Laura Mercier White Magic Collection: Flamingo Crème Smooth Lip Colour Twilight Caviar Stick Eye Colour as well as Gunmetal Smoke Tightline Cake Eye Liner
I’m truly hoping to feel some holiday magic this year since last Christmas was a blur. You understand all the fun (sometimes frantic) things that include the holidays, like costs time buying for meaningful gifts, carefully wrapping provides (as opposed to just slapping things together with tape) as well as embellishing the tree? Last year, whatever I did was last-minute. This year, I want to take the time to truly savor the holidays as well as make them a priority, you know? Life is as well short.

That magic I mentioned? — there’s really some happening now over at Laura Mercier counters, where the White Magic holiday collection is available.


Five of the 17 pieces from the White Magic collection
The 17-piece restricted edition introduce heralds the holidays with shimmery pastels, illuminated skin as well as shiny, glossy lips.

When I look at these products, I believe of the word, “glow.” however not in a bronzed, beachy way. I’m believing more in terms of regal, otherworldly winter ice queens riding silent sleighs across snow-covered fields…

White Magic is one of those collections with a healthy dose of shimmer as well as pastel.


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Ya know, I do like pastels, as well as I believe a bit shimmery white or infant blue on the lids close to the lash lines can look extremely artsy, especially with thick feline liner, however generally, with my tan as well as warm skin tone, I believe they get a bit lost on me. however I believe they can look phenomenal on gals with lighter skin, as well as on younger women (shimmer isn’t always so forgiving on mature skin).

The collection isn’t all pale colors as well as shimmer, though. There are moments in which darker, more intense colors break through, as well as those are the ones that make me do grabby hands.

Like Mocha myth lipstick, which is like an updated version of the traditional ’90s brown lip…

Mocha myth Crème Smooth Lip Colour ($26)
It’s a dark, neutral reddish brown — totally something somebody might have used back in 1994 with a plaid shirt, hoop earrings, denim as well as Timbaland boots, except that back then, the lipsticks were almost always matte. This one’s smooth, comfy as well as creamy, with a metallic surface that seems fresher. I bet it would look striking on gals with darker skin tones, particularly as an daily lip shade. as well as it’s fantastic for dry lips.

Flamingo Crème Smooth Lip Colour ($26)
Pinkish purple Flamingo lipstick likewise caught my eye. (It’s referred to as Girly on Laura’s website… Not sure if that’s a typo.) It’s a great deal like one of my preferred MAC lipsticks, Syrup, except that Laura’s is somewhat sheerer as well as more pink.

Now, I understand that a purple-toned lipstick may noise a bit scary, however it depends. discover the right one, as well as you can utilize it as a nude lippie. I believe the pink in this makes it wearable as well as flattering.

Twilight Caviar Stick Eye Colour ($26)

As for the eye products in the collection, talk about COOL! Gunmetal gray taupe Twilight Caviar Stick Eye color is so cool, as well as by that I mean that it’s both awesome toned as well as cool, as in truly neat. I even see hints of violet when I wear it on my warm skin.

For an simple gray smokey eye, I’ll draw a thick line on my lid right next to the lash line, as well as buff out the edges utilizing an eye clean with a dome-shaped head.

You do have to work quick though…because when this sets, it doesn’t budge for 12 hours.

Gunmetal Smoke Tightline Cake Eye liner ($23)
Another gunmetal shade, Gunmetal Smoke, is one of the Tightline Cake Liners in the launch. It’s a extremely complex color — type of blackish gray with hints of navy — that I bet would flatter most eye colors.

To their credit, the Tightline Eye Liners don’t irritate my sensitive eyes, however they’re not precisely flexible. Basically, they have a specific task — doing thin lines along lash as well as water lines.

I have tried to utilize them for thick eye liner looks, however it was a wholly frustrating experience…

Laura Mercier nude Prism brilliant Glacé ($24)
Oh! I almost failed to remember the brilliant Glacé in nude Prism, which for some reason I keep referring to as “Nude Prison.”


Nude Prism brilliant Glacé ($24)
A shimmery, sheer beige, it looks rather difficult in its tube, however I believe it’s super lovely on lips, where I like it as a layering gloss. It provides an additional level of shimmer as well as serves to tone down crazier colors. Plus, it’s moisturizing as well as non-sticky, which means comfortable.Twilight Caviar Stick Eye Color (Deckel) sowie Gunmetalrauch Rauch Endline Cake Eye Liner (Wimpernlinien)
Nackt Prism Brilliant Glacé
Swatches von links: Twilight, Gunmetalrauch, Flamingo, Mokka-Mythos sowie Nacktprisma


Diese Stücke sowie der Rest der weißen Magic-Kollektion werden jetzt in Laura-Mercier-Zähler sowie online angeboten.

Ihre freundliche Gemeinschaft-Schönheits-Süchtiger,


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