The new Smashbox full exposure Palette, likewise understood as the Mullet of the Neutral combination world

using the new Smashbox full exposure combination on my eyes
I understand what you’re most likely thinking… Cats are the most incredible animals to have ever walked the earth.

Wait — that’s not what you were thinking? Hoppla! Entschuldigung, mein fehler.


After seeing my eye look in the top pic, you may be thinking, “Good grief! one more neutral eye palette, Karen?”

OK, fair enough, however before you leave to pet your cat, who for unknown reasons decided to grace you with his existence today (SHOCKER), hold on a sec.

This new Smashbox full exposure combination is like the mullet of neutral eyeshadow palettes! — as well as I mean that in the very best possible method — except that instead of being all celebration in the front as well as business in the back, it’s celebration on the top as well as business on the bottom. equal parts play as well as work.


Cats & Makeup Sweatshirt?

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We’re speaking major possibilities.

Shimmers on the top row as well as mattes on the bottom
The combination likewise includes a dual-ended clean as well as a mini mascara
The front of the palette’s packaging
Full exposure as well as I spent last weekend together. just the two of us (and El Hub). On Friday night, we did a cool-toned smokey eye (like what I’m using in these pics) as well as went out to dinner. then on Saturday we did a nude shimmery lid with a bit liner, stayed home, did laundry as well as watched game of Thrones (the combination is not a fan of home Lannister). I whipped up this warm brown feline eye while unsuccessfully trying to stop Tabs from jumping into a stack of clean shirts as well as denim that needed to be folded…

On Sunday I just kept things simple with a nude matte lid as well as a smidgen of brown liner along my upper as well as lower lash lines.

So many possibilities!

And with all of the looks I tried, I still always felt like me, as well as not like “me with a sh*t-ton of eye makeup on,” if that makes any type of sense.

Full exposure is one of those palettes that packs just sufficient pigment to define as well as phone call interest to my lids, however not so much that I feel like a rodeo clown…

Hahaha! I just totally made myself laugh.

That’s NARS Lustre blush as well as BECCA Opal highlighter on my cheeks, as well as MAC Boldly Bare Lip Pencil as well as MAC development transformation Lipglass (LOVE) on my lips

Now, if you crave pigment out to HERE, this may not be your bowl of gravy. With the exception of the heavily pigmented dark brown as well as the black matte shades, I’d state that most of the shadows in this 14-pan combination are only moderately pigmented.

I believe of this as a true neutral neutral combination (neutral neutral?), in that the warm- as well as cool-toned colors are neither as well awesome nor warm. Rather, they’re in the Goldilocks zone as well as should fit most skin tones.

I should point out that I did experience a bit after effects (just a small bit) with these shadows as well as some fading after about 7-8 hours of wear (and that was on top of primer), however I generally had an simple time blending them… I did requirement a few additional windshield wiper swipes to thoroughly buff out the darkest brown as well as black matte eyeshadows.

Oh, the combination likewise includes a small tube of full exposure Mascara (better for thickening than lengthening) as well as a dual-ended brush.

I usually end up tossing the brushes that include palettes, however I believe this one’s really quite great as well as not scratchy at all, although I do desire the flat eyeshadow end was a bit denser.

Warm shimmers with a neutral beige shimmer (far right)
Cool-toned shimmers
Warm mattes (left) as well as the neutral beige matte (far right)
Cool mattes
If you lean more toward Bobbi brown than, say, Illamasqua, you may truly like the full exposure combination (you may still like it either way).


I believe this will be fantastic for days when I just want to wear something straight-up pretty. just add pink or peach cheeks as well as lips as well as a fantastic set of false lashes.

Ihre freundliche Gemeinschaft-Schönheits-Süchtiger,


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