Sonia Kashuk synthetic flat top Blusher Brush: A budget friendly Beast

BOW DOWN before the mighty Sonia Kashuk synthetic flat top Blusher Brush. marvel at its multi-tasking prowess and how it applies blushes and foundations with ease. and don’t be amazed if you find yourself trembling — with glee! – an der Kasse. Not only is this brush amazing, but it’s also cheap — $14.99. Holla!

Billed as a cream blush brush, its synthetic fiber head feels like velvet against my skin. earlier this week when I used it with Sonia’s Creme Blush, it left just the best amount of color on my cheeks without any streaking. Blending with it was also a snap. It removed severe lines with ease.


The brush is flat on the top of the head, which is not a completely revolutionary design, but it is one I’d never used before.

I couldn’t help but wonder what else I could use this brush with, so I experimented with it this afternoon. I think it also works great with…

Powder blush. After I applied powder blush with a regular MAC 116 blush brush, I used the flat top to apply a pop of color onto my cheeks. Tada! Glowy cheeks!

Pulver-Stiftung. I tried applying MAC Mineralize loose SPF 15 foundation with the flat Top, and um, WOW! The foundation looked like it melted into my skin. No streaking, no cakiness, nada — just perfectly applied medium foundation coverage.

Liquid foundation. once again, the flat top delivered fantastic results. I dotted foundation onto my face, wet the brush head with MAC Fix+ and blended. The brush gave an practically airbrushed look to my skin, and I love how it’s small enough to use in the nooks around my nose.

The Sonia Kashuk synthetic flat top Blusher brush is a multi-tasking monster that eats my other wimpy blush brushes for breakfast!


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And I also really dig the curved handle. It fits just best between my thumb and forefinger, which makes it easy to control.

Sonia Kashuk Creme blush Brush

Price: $14.99
Use: To apply and blend cream and powder blushes, powder foundation and liquid foundation
Makeup and charm blog Rating: A+

This weekend I’m heading to my nearby house of Tar-ghay (Target) to get a backup, but you can also purchase it online from Target’s website.


I have a killer migraine headache best now, girls, and not even love for Sonia’s flat top brush has made it go away. I think I’m gonna take a couple Advil and rest on the couch in front of the TV for a while. maybe flavor of love 3 will ease the pain.

Your friendly neighborhood charm addict,


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