The weekly Roundup: messages You may have missed

Can I ask you a question, ladies? Es ist sehr wichtig. Okay, not really. It’s about bangs. I got mine trimmed a few weeks ago, as well as they’ve grown out to where they’re starting to work my nerves. My stylist provides free bang trims, which I understand a great deal of stylists do, however I’m not quite sure if I ought to suggestion her, as well as if I do, exactly how much. I mean, I love exactly how she cuts my hair. She’s gifted with curls as well as waves, however it doesn’t take long to trim bangs, as well as my regular haircuts do expense an arm as well as a leg… I just don’t want to be rude, however she does tension exactly how the trims are free.

Do you ever take stylists up on their offer of free bang trims, as well as if you do, do you tip?


In other news, it’s Sunday! Do you understand where your tabby feline is? Mine’s on my lap, making biscuits on my thigh.

Was machst du heute? got anything fun lined up? El Hub as well as I are going out to get breakfast, as well as then I’ll be back right here to work on a project for tonight on the blog. bleiben Sie dran!

The weekly Roundup: messages You may have Missed



Katzen & Make -up Sweatshirt ??

$ 42

Jetzt einkaufen

When I went to get my bangs trimmed a couple weeks back my stylist gave me a sample of Orofluido beauty Elixer (regularly $32 for a 3.38-oz. bottle) as well as raved on as well as on about exactly how it was to going to modification my life, starting with my hair.

I’d never heard of Orofluido before, however it’s a small indie haircare line a little more popular in Europe than right here in the States. They only listing two products on their site — the beauty Elixer that my stylist gave me, as well as something new called shine Spray. Weiterlesen…


Of course, on the one day I really requirement the only cowboy hat I’ve ever owned, I can’t discover it. welcome to the story of my life. wherever you are, my beloved black straw cowboy hat, I reckon we would’ve made sweet music together today, taking pictures of ourselves covered in glitter with the new urban Decay Cowboy Junkie shadows & Gloss set ($38).

The new set rides into town for the holidays, kicking up glitter in its wake with four powder shadows, a liner as well as one lonesome lip gloss.

Three members of the set hail from the Midnight Cowboy eyeshadow gang, known for their eye-catching, remarkable glitter.

But this glitter is like dust on a desert trail (gets everywhere). Midnight Cowboy (a gritty, glittery peachy pink), Midnight Cowboy Rides once again (a glittery peachy tan) as well as Midnight Cowgirl (a glittery gold) leave fallout everywhere — beneath my eyes, around my nose as well as on my Wangen. Shoot, I even discovered some on Tabs.

I think if you’re going to try to get behind this set, you just gotta choose the glitter as well as fallout. Widerstand ist zwecklos. It’s kinda like the zombie apocalypse that way, I guess. Weiterlesen…


How do you spell a scream, friends? Gaaaaah! vielleicht? I had one of those days… I started with grand plans as well as excellent expectations to write about, among other things, the beauty gods’ gift to huge hair as well as the new smokey urban Decay Black Palette, however I hit The excellent Wall.

No, not the one in China.

Writer’s block, which you may think I wouldn’t get anymore after four years as well as 4,000 posts, however I do.

I’d hoped for witty prose, however all that came out of my fingertips today was gooey eco-friendly infant poo. At one point I just gave up on the whole sentence thing as well as chose to take a ton of pictures of the LORAC Box office hit full face palette ($35) instead. Weiterlesen…


Some mornings I just CANNOT get it together, as well as even something as easy yet important as operating the coffee maker may as well be quantum physics.

I call those my makeup-for-dummies days, as well as when they strike I turn to instant coffee my arsenal of tools as well as tricks to fake a great night’s sleep.

Can’t have my neighbors mistaking me for the very first wave in the coming zombie apocalypse, right?

The newest addition to my makeup-for-dummies kit, NYX’s new eyebrow Shaper ($8.75), is one of several new eyebrow products from NYX this fall. It’s a colorless, waxy brow gel in pencil type — ideal for sculpting as well as taming unruly brows — as well as for me it takes the place of having to fill in my brows with a colored brow pencil, wax or eyeshadow, particularly when I’m exhausted and/or lazy (read: often). Weiterlesen…

A comparison OF urban DECAY

Last night when MBB reader Steph B asked this about the urban Decay Cowboy Junkie palette ($38), I thought it was a ideal excuse to paint my arm purple.

Hmm… great question. To get to the bottom of it, I busted out some of the similar urban Decay purples in my stash to do a quick comparison.

I don’t have Purple Haze, however Flash, Freakshow, Ecstasy as well as Frigid are currently offered as singles in UD’s permanent line; AC/DC is from last fall’s book of shadows Vol. II.

From the left that’s Romp (from the Cowboy Junkie Palette), Flash ($17), Freakshow ($18), Ecstasy ($17), AC/DC as well as Frigid ($18).

I’d have to say that of these colors here, Romp many carefully resembles AC/DC in its pan, however I think it looks more like Frigid (a dark purple with hints of navy blue as well as black) on the skin. Weiterlesen…


Ladies, I haven’t felt very glamorous this week… On a scale of 1 to 10, my glamorousness has been hovering around a -3. With scrunchies in my hair as well as my bum glued to the couch as well as wrapped in stretchy pants, I’ve viewed just about every zombie movie as well as TV show released because 1969. has it been educational? Sure, however it hasn’t been excellent for glamor.

The new Clarins Barocco holiday Collection couldn’t have come at a much better time.

Look whatsoever that fancy… It’s like a shot of incredible straight to the heart!

The floral swirls/filigree designs both inside as well as out, as well as the rich berry, gold, black as well as peach shades seduced the sweat pants best off me (actually, they were raggedy yoga pants). These are products begging to be worn with a shimmery golden gown as well as dangerously high heels. Weiterlesen…

NYX velvet ROPE

Du meine Güte! look whatsoever that purple. Is this a prince video or a beauty blog?

Today I left the thugs to their gangsta’s paradise while I escaped yet once again to my purple one. I might go on as well as on about exactly how much I love purple eyeshadow, however the No. 1 reason why I think every woman (or makeup loving boy, for that matter) ought to play with purple is since of exactly how excellent it chooses everything.

Alright, I admit I’m plum biased, however I think purple looks excellent on almost everyone. Whether brown, green, gray, blue or hazel eyes, the best purple on your lid or lash line can make those peepers POP!

POP! Yeah, I use that word a lot…but you understand what I mean.

Now, brace yourself for a plethora of purple, as well as behold the new NYX velvet Rope 10 color Eyeshadow palette ($9.75)! Weiterlesen…


The only thing that might possibly make Sephora Stimulating Lavender Cuticle Oil pens ($12) much better would be if you might buy them at bulk prices in packs.

I understand I’ve discussed it before, however this pen’s the frickin’ bomb-dot-com, particularly if your cuticles look like Snooki after a long night at da club…

Twisting the bottom soaks the brush suggestion with moisturizing oil. then just brush onto dry cuticles. easy however effective.

I picked one up at Sephora’s friends & household sale, as well as my only regret is that I didn’t get more.


This Stimulating Lavender version is one of three flavors. Last year’s was called Nourishing Cuticle Oil (there’s likewise Healing Eucalyptus). this one works the same as that one however has a lavender scent. Weiterlesen…

Ihre freundliche Community Beauty Süchtiger,


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